how to order

Should you wish to contact us, kindly refer you to the please contact us section. In the enquiry form we ask you to provide us with the contact and the details of the order that is important for us in order to present you our customized offer.
All customer data are treated by us with the highest confidentiality and under no circumstances are used to other purpose. After the receipt of the enquiry form we contact you to discuss the brief, budget, invoicing and the delivery. Our furniture is made to order and normally it takes 8-12 weeks to deliver.
If you wish to proceed to the making stage and secure your order on our schedule, we ask for fixing the details of your order via sending us back the completed and signed order form and confirmation on the acceptance of the payment conditions. Satisfactory payment arrangement Is the prerequisite of the delivery. We keep you informed on your order every step of the way - while it's being made, and while it's being shipped. And if anything changes,
we will get in contact with you.
For further details please refer to the product catalogue that is available on our website.

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